Nissan Intelligence

At Nissan we don’t just imagine, we do.

Today we expect more from our cars. We want reliability, we want safety and we want intelligence. Can you imagine a driving experience that caters to every one of your needs? No need to imagine – with Nissan Intelligence, you can have everything you expect, plus much more.


Nissan Intelligent Around View Monitor

Have confidence behind the wheel

Feel safer on the road with driver assistance technology that offers a 360° view, helping you to spot things you may have otherwise missed. Nissan Intelligent Around View Monitor sees everything, always.



Nissan Intelligent Back-Up Intervention

Giving you eyes in the back of your head

Reversing can be tricky, especially in poor visibility situations. Take the stress out of reversing and let the Nissan Intelligent Back-Up Intervention system see things you can’t, alerting you to hazards before you even see them.



Nissan Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention

Helping you avoid hidden surprises

When your vision is obstructed your confidence drops and you begin to second guess yourself. Eliminate that feeling with Nissan Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention – covering every angel and removing every blind spot.



Nissan Intelligent Distance Control

Keeping you on the right path

Let the Intelligent Distance Control system monitor what’s coming up ahead to keep you a safe distance from your surroundings. Avoid collisions and stay in the perfect position during traffic jams and long distance journeys.



Nissan Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

Making your reactions faster

Sometimes, that split second too long is all it takes for something to go wrong. The Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system actively anticipates dangers you can’t even see. By alerting you to potentially hazardous situations before they even happen, means you are prepared and can react even faster.



Nissan Intelligent Lane Intervention

Move with perfect precision

Staying in your lane isn’t as easy as it sounds. Add in high speeds and heavy traffic and it is near impossible. Nissan Intelligent Lane Intervention keeps you exactly on the right path by monitoring your position on the road. The system alerts you when you are getting too close to one side of your lane and puts you safely back on the right track.



Nissan Seamless Autonomous Mobility

Allowing your car to get smarter with every trip

Now your autonomous vehicle can deal with unexpected situations – and learn from them. Seamless Autonomous Mobility enables autonomous vehicles to learn how to deal with a situation and not only remember what to do next time, but use the learned data to solve completely new challenges. Now that’s real intelligence.

The Nissan driver assistance systems and intelligent technology are designed to not only aid your driving experience, but to improve it.

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