Huge savings on Nissan Navara ST

Save from $5,390 to $9,390 PLUS get $7,900 worth of accessories 

Nissan have a long history of building strong, dependable pickups. With each new model the boundaries of innovation have been pushed, providing you with everything you need to get the job done. And now it’s time to experience the special edition Summit Series Navara. It combines a tough, working pedigree, with premium ride comfort, smart technologies, and sleek, modern styling. Decked out with a range of added extras the Summit Series Navara presence will be noticed.

$7,900 worth of Summit Series Special Features

Stacked with extra additions the Summit Series commands attention. By fitting Nissan Genuine Accessories you can rest easy knowing our high-quality standards ensure the perfect fit, increased safety and reliability, allowing you to future-proof your Nissan.

3.5 Tonne Braked Towing Capacity

Whether you’re looking to pull a heavy load at work, or for a weekend away, the Summit Series Navara makes it easy. All of our diesel engine models can muster up the grunt to pull a massive 3,500kg braked towing capacity.

Devours Roads, Sips Fuel

The sign of a truly modern pickup? One that shows how power, acceleration and fuel efficiency cannot just coexist, but thrive. The Summit Series Navara offers an engine that do just that, thanks to advanced technology that helps squeeze the most performance out of every drop of fuel. The ST range are powered by an advanced 140kW twin-turbo diesel engine. With a small turbo to get you moving and a larger one to keep you going strong, the diesel engine gives you best in class fuel economy.

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