Tackle any adventure with ultimate off road confidence in the new Nissan Navara

With a ute full of tech including Off-Road Around View® Monitor and Drive Mode Selector along with the capability of a 3.5 tonne maximum braked towing capacity* and an increased payload, you’ll be adventure ready the moment you start the ignition.


Safely carry family, friends and high-end equipment

Maximize safety in all conditions with the new Nissan Navara’s suite of intelligent driving technologies such as Intelligent Emergency Braking and Rear Cross Traffic.


Delivering the ideal blend of cabin comfort

Featuring improved NVH suppression, coupled with multi-link rear suspension to achieve a more refined ride for all occupants – from the daily commute to the weekend escape.


Around view monitor with moving object detection

The Nissan Intelligent Around-View Monitor with Moving-Object Detection uses four cameras to give you a virtual 360° bird’s-eye view of your surroundings, so you don’t miss a thing. By detecting moving objects around the car, this technology enhances safety and helps to give drivers better awareness of their surroundings.


Intelligent Forward Collision Warning & Emergency Braking

Monitors not only the vehicle in front of you, but also two vehicles ahead to assist in avoiding collisions with other vehicles. In the case of an imminent collision, audible and visual alerts are activated before automatic braking is applied, to reduce speed and help you avoid or mitigate a frontal collision with a vehicle ahead.


Intelligent Driver Alert

Monitors your driving patterns and steering behaviour to detect changes from normal patterns. If inattention is observed, audible and visual alerts are presented.


Blind Spot Warning & Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention

Visual alerts appear on your mirrors and display if a vehicle is detected in your blind-spot area. Further warning alerts sound if you continue moving into the danger zone in addition to braking force to each wheel to help return the vehicle to its original lane, assisting the driver to avoid a collision.


Intelligent Lane Departure Warning & Intervention

Stray from your lane and you’ll be warned with both a visual and audible alert by a system so smart, it turns them off when you flick on your indicator. What’s more, subtle breaking will kick in to help keep you on track if the vehicle senses that you may be veering outside of your lane.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When you’re backing out of a parking space, this feature watches the area around the rear of your vehicle and can warn you of vehicles approaching within 20 metres either side.


High Beam Assist

If an oncoming vehicle is detected, the system automatically dips the headlights when high beams are activated.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Monitors tyre pressure, displaying real time tyre pressure and providing a warning light and message if pressure falls below safe levels.


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*PRO-4X model shown. All safety features are driving aids only and not a substitute for safe driving practices. Always monitor your surroundings. Off-Road Around View® Monitor applicable to 4WD models only. Drive Mode Selector applicable on 4WD Automatic models only. *Towing capacity is subject to towbar/towball capacity. The capacity may be reduced if a non-genuine Nissan towbar is fitted. NVH suppression and multi-link rear suspension applicable to Dual Cab models only.